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Why INCO Business Group

INCO Business Group has assisted more than 1000 entrepreneurs to expand their companies overseas, and deal with their administrative requirements.

We have developed a unique combination between personalised tax support, and automated accounting solutions. For a fixed amount, you can work with tax experts in any field, while working with an user-friendly accounting system to process your purchases and sales.

If desired, you can also use your own bookkeeping team and/or software, and INCO can file the Dutch tax returns based on your reports!

Our online accounting platform

  • ✓ Online access to your administration
  • ✓ Use your own bookkeeping platform
    (if desired)
  • ✓ Get insights and reports on your company’s (financial) position

Get a full quote for your company

Do you need help to apply for a VAT number, or do you already need to file your first VAT return? Whatever your situation, we can provide you a suitable solution. Complete the form below, to get a full quote for your company. Even if your company is not incorporated yet!

* If you fill in the form you give Firm24 permission to share your data with INCO Accountancy. Your email will be saved in our database.

How does it work?


Determine your Accounting Requirements

Together with our Tax experts we will discuss your exact tax and accounting requirements, and we will send you a full offer for our support. If required we will apply for your Tax ID’s


Start your Administration

Once your company is active, and we have initiated our services, we will provide you access to our accounting platform, and team of tax experts which you can contact at any time.


Filing Tax Returns

VAT Returns are filed on a quarterly basis (if relevant). The filing of your (first) corporate tax return is done within 5 months after the end of the book year, once we have completed your Financial Statements.

Frequently Asked Questions on INCO Business Group


What kind of companies can use this service?

INCO provides tax and accounting services to companies and entrepreneurs of any size. We can help the sole proprietorship, as well as the multinational.


Why do I pay higher fees, once my company is ‘trading’?

If your Dutch company is trading in the Netherlands, or even in Europe, it’s likely that your company will be liable for VAT. This means that INCO will assist you with the filing of the VAT return on a quarterly basis.


Will I have a dedicated contact person?

Yes, once we onboard you as our customer you will have a dedicated contact person to discuss all your accounting and tax affairs.


How will INCO determine the tax requirements for my company?

On our blog you will find more information on the standard tax requirements for each company. Based on an intake conversation we can draft a personalised ‘timeline’ of tax requirements, so you know exactly what to do, and when you need our help.


What will be the contract terms and payment conditions?

The minimum contract term is 6 months. Using ‘Automatische Incasso’ we can offer monthly payment schemes.


Why the cooperation between Firm24 and INCO Business Group?

Firm24 has innovated the process of starting a company in The Netherlands, for a large audience of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. For global entrepreneurs, there might be many variables that are difficult to grasp by a standard workflow. INCO is focussed on personalised services for expats and global entrepreneurs, and can assist entrepreneurs once the company has been incorporated by Firm24. Even if you experience difficulties during the formation process at Firm24, INCO's Incorporation Officers might be of good service.