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Incorporate Dutch Limited Liability Company

What are the benefits of a Dutch LLC?

Your personal assets are protected against bankruptcy
Prevent taxation on dividends, royalties and interest
Benefit from our extensive treaty network
Benefit from the many tax advantages
Access to entire European Union
Limited liability

A Dutch LLC in 3 quick and easy steps

Fill in online form
Start the online incorporation procedure by filling in the online form. Prepare for questions about the LLC and shareholders.


Signing and identification
Sign the incorporation documents in presence of a local lawyer/notary or at our office in Amsterdam.


Receive Deed of Incorporation
Upon receival of the necessary documents you will receive the deed of incorporation and the Chamber of Commerce extract.

Always included with the incorporation of a Dutch LLC

Drafting the articles of Association
The articles of association define the playing field of the company according to the Dutch law. They define the company’s purpose and lays out how tasks are to be accomplished within the organization. You can think of the process of appointing new directors, what to do with profits etc.
Draft deed of incorporation
We will always first prepare a draft deed of incorporation to be approved by all shareholders.
The biggest incorporator of LLC’s in the Netherlands
Extract of Shareholders register
The shareholder register includes a list of all active and previous owners of a company’s shares. requires that every current shareholder be recorded. Each person’s name, address and number of shares held are registered, and all future changes will be update in the register.
Filling chamber of Commerce registration forms
These registration forms are obligated and need to be in Dutch. The notary will register the LLC with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
Extract of Chamber of commerce
An extract of the registration at the Chamber of Commerce is provided. This is proof of your registration at the Chamber of Commerce.
Incorporate your Dutch LLC in 15 minutes
Notary office costs
Normally, notary fees are added to the bill afterwards. We like transparency, so all notary fees are included.
Fiscal registration for all taxes
Your BV will be registered with the TAX Authorities. Tax -and VAT numbers will automatically follow wihtin 2 weeks of incorporation

Why international companies chose to let us incorporate their Dutch LLC


FIRM24 is the largest one-stop-shop corporate services platform where you can incorporate your LLC structure, get legal contracts and administrative services at a fixed price.

Nationwide network

FIRM24 has a nationwide network of notaries, and (fiscal) lawyers. We work together with renowned business partners, who all belong to the Dutch top 10 in their respective market segment.

Customer service satisfaction rating of 9.2

We are recommended by every customer who used our services. We score a 9.2 rating based on 42 independent reviews. The highest rating in the Netherlands.

Fixed price

We believe time based billing for commodity products is outdated. Thats why you get fixed pricing for our services. Deal is deal.

Faster and less expensive due to our unique software

We have fully digitalised our processes. From Incorporating a legal entity, manage your bookkeeping to drafting a legal contract.

24/7 available

We understand that running a business is not a 9 - 5 job. That’s why we are available by email phone or chat on weekdays and weekends

3 reasons to choose to incorporate a LLC in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has some great policies for LLC’s, here are some:


Most business owners set up a BV structure for either fiscal reasons or liability reasons. With a Dutch BV your personal assets are protected against bankruptcy. This is not the case when you start a business as other common structures.

You’ll get tax advantages

The Netherlands has created a business-friendly climate to attract foreign investors. Learn more about some of the many tax friendly features the Netherlands has to offer by clicking the link below.

A couple of years ago, the Dutch government started with simplifying the incorporation procedure of private limited liabilities companies (BV). This resulted in increased flexibility of the rules of incorporating an Dutch LLC. Learn more by clicking the link below.


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