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Incorporation Dutch asset protection structures with FIRM24

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Incorporating Dutch asset protection structures (STAK)

Advantages STAK

A Dutch voting trust foundation (also known as STAK) allows for a split between voting rights attaching to shares and their economic benefits such as dividends and proceeds of a sale. The concept is not only frequently used for Dutch BV’s and NV’s, but also for non-Dutch legal entities from all over the world.

Advantages of a Dutch voting trust foundation (STAK):

  • Can be set-up in a few days
  • Developed in decades of legal practice
  • Used for listed companies and family structures
  • Allows concentration of voting rights
  • The profits  may be shared with a large group

Asset protection

In practice, there is a wide variety in the use of foundations incorporated under Dutch law. Most important are the foundations that are used to attain certain public welfare (in Dutch: het “goede doel”) objects. Foundations are also frequently used to effect a concentration of voting rights on shares of which the legal title is held by the foundation (in Dutch the foundation is then usually referred to as a “Stichting Administratiekantoor” or in short “STAK structure”), while the economic benefit attaching to those shares remains for the risk and account of third parties. This use is sometimes also known as a voting trust, although it has not much to do with the Anglo-Saxon concept of the trust. It is also possible to have an enterprise in the foundation, although it may be difficult to have profits distributed.

Incorporation STAK procedure

The incorporation of a foundation (in Dutch: “stichting”) under Dutch law must be effected by means of a deed of incorporation, executed before a civil law notary in the Netherlands. The deed of incorporation will also contain the articles of association (in Dutch: “statuten”) of the foundation. By law, the foundation is a flexible instrument, which can – within certain limits – be tailor made to the wishes of the incorporator(s). One incorporator will do, but more is possible. The articles of association may contain various corporate bodies. The foundation must at least have a Management Board, consisting of at least one member, but may also have a Supervisory Board or Advisory Board.

The foundation and its Board members must be registered with the Dutch Trade Register. There are no nationality of residency requirements for Management Board members of a foundation from a Dutch company law perspective (from a tax perspective, this may be different).

Set up a Dutch STAK structure for a fixed price
You STAK is incorporated included

  • Intake and obligatory compliance check
  • Preparation and filing Chamber of Commerce registration forms
  • Liaise with the local registrar and relevant authorities
  • Drafting the Articles of Association
  • Notary office costs
  • Fiscal Registration for all taxes
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Issuance of certificates (certificates on shares of a BV or NV)
  • Administrative conditions (terms & conditions of the certificates)

Your extra’s at FIRM24

  • Free guidance from tax lawyers during the incorporation process
  • Digital secured portal to exchange important documents

We understand that not every incorporation is standard. Please see below our additions.

Please note that the EUR 50 fee due to the Chamber of Commerce (one of registration fee) is not included. This is a separate invoice from the Chamber of Commerce itself.

Extra options

Extra director: €150
Additional documents will have to be prepared in order to add more directors / shareholders.

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