Our notaries

If you want to set up a BV quickly and easily, you have come to the right place. You only have to go through 3 steps and you can start doing business. After the online procedure you can go directly to a notary in the neighbourhood for legalisation. The civil-law notaries affiliated with us have all the expertise in-house.

Firm24 Hoofdkantoor Amsterdam

Headoffice Firm24 Amsterdam

Notaris Amstelveen

Notary Amstelveen

Notaris Arnhem

Notary Arnhem

Notaris Breda

Notary Breda

Notaris Bussum

Notary Bussum

Notaris Den Haag

Notary Den Haag

Notaris Groningen

Notary Groningen (enkel legaliseren)

Notaris Heerlen

Notary Heerlen

Notaris Hoogvliet

Notary Hoogvliet

Notaris Raamsdonksveer

Notary Raamsdonksveer

Notaris Rotterdam

Notary Rotterdam

Notaris ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Notary ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Notaris Schagen

Notary Schagen

Notaris Steenwijk

Notary Steenwijk

Notaris Tilburg

Notary Tilburg

Notaris Utrecht

Notary Utrecht

Notaris Vlissingen

Notary Vlissingen

Notaris Wassenaar

Notary Wassenaar

Notaris Zwartsluis

Notary Zwartsluis