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To realize the ultimate customer experience you need a team!

That is what we at FIRM24 do with our entire team. Whether it is effective marketing with the most up-to-date marketing technologies, providing customers with a great experience through our software or by simply being there.

Rick Schmitz



Rick is one of the founders of FIRM24 and has over 6 years of experience as a tax specialist (PwC and Deloitte). Beside managing FIRM24, Rick focuses on business development and is responsible for the fiscal department.

Martijn Migchelsen



Martijn co-founded FIRM24 and has a background in M&A at PwC. Besides managing FIRM24, Martijn focuses on strategy, innovation and prioritizing the software development.

thomas esselink


Chief Operations

Thomas is Chief Operations at FIRM24 and helps you set up the right corporate structure. Thomas is essential in the daily activities of FIRM24. Besides all of this, he enjoys aviation and owns a helicopter license.

sven stam



Sven is responsible for all technical and software-related matters as CTO for FIRM24. He oversees all software development at FIRM24 and is an experienced (lead)developer and scrummaster.

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Software Architect

Arnold has a lot of experience in designing and developing software. As lead-developer and software architect Arnold makes sure that the software is of great quality.



Chief Legal

Diederick has over 5 years of experience as an attorney and is now working as a lawyer for FIRM24. He manages the legal software and advises entrepreneurs concerning contracts and liabilities.

bv oprichten firm24


Commercial Attorney

Michael works as a commercial attorney for FIRM24. Besides studying at university, he helps entrepreneurs in the final stage of setting up their company. For example, he advises them about their corporate structure or setting up their administration.

bv starten firm24


Commercial Attorney

Helen helps entrepreneurs with setting up their business from start to finish. She will answer any question that you have. Helen is also busy finishing her Master’s degree in International and European tax law.

contracten regelen


Commercial Attorney

Rein works as a commercial attorney for FIRM24 and advises entrepreneurs about setting up the right structure for their company. He also gives advise concerning administrative issues, the transfer and issuing of stocks and amendments.

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Administrative Assistant

Lennard assists clients with their accounting. He enjoys lending the entrepreneurs a helping hand. Besides this, he keeps himself busy by participating in triathlons.

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Salary Administration

Ananda handles the salary administration, accompanied by Liandra. She has over 8 years of experience in this field and still enjoys the work. She is also studying VPS to stay up-to-date.

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Back-end Developer

Jurre is involved in the software from both FIRM24 and LegalThings as an all-round developer. As soon as something complex has to change on the website, Jurre takes care of it.



Full stack developer

Sarfaraaz is a full-stack developer at FIRM24. This jack-off-all-trades is completely comfortable both as a back-end or as a front-end developer. He takes care of the implementation of new features of the software and makes sure that is functioning perfectly. Before joining FIRM24, Sarfaraaz studied Software Engineering.

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All-round Online Marketeer

Desmond is an all-round online marketer and studied marketing. He manages the website, content and social media of FIRM24.

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Back-end Developer

Moesjarraf is a part of the development team in the role of back-end developer. He works for both FIRM24 and LegalThings.

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