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What is Firm24 Premium?

Firm24 Premium is the Business to Business version of Firm24 where advisors can incorporate BV’s for entrepreneurs. It is aimed at accountants, bookkeepers and tax specialists who look after the interests of their clients. With a Premium account, you always have a fixed contact person, direct contact with the notary and you can receive leads. In addition, you will not receive marketing campaign e-mails for other services. Whether it is a simple BV or a complex structure, with Firm24 Premium you can manage the BV for your client. More than 150 advisors are already using Firm24 Premium!

BV oprichten

Incorporating a BV easily

In just a few steps, you can complete the process of incorporating a BV online. Once incorporated, you can make changes (share transfer, additions) or dissolve the BV itself. Firm24 Premium platform has a nationwide network of notaries, allowing you to quickly and accurately set up the BV for your client.

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Invoicing your own costs

Of course your service is not free of charge for your clients. We have designed our processes in such a way that you can add your own fee to the invoice. The total invoice is passed on to the entrepeneur, after which your fee is automatically deposited into your account. This makes it possible to create new business models with Firm24 Premium.


Legally correct

Do you have questions or are you not sure whether everything around the establishment is (legally) correct? No problem at all. As advisor of our platform, there is always a fixed contact person who can help you with your questions. Via chat, e-mail or a direct phone number we are happy to help you. Our team consists of tax and legal specialists with broad experience in entrepreneurial law.

More than 200 advisors have already registered

CEO Entrpnr
Honoré Schreurs
"Firm24 is in line with our vision: how can we use the developments in automation in such a way that our client benefits the most? With Firm24, we can help our clients get a BV quickly and at low cost, with our experts monitoring to ensure that the right customisation is delivered that suits the client."
Steven Lagerwij
CEO Entrpnr
"Because we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how important it is to be able to focus on your core business. That is why we support our clients in the entire administrative process. And that is why we work together with experts such as Firm24. Like us, they believe that entrepreneurs should be relieved of administrative tasks as much as possible. As advisers of Firm24, we can make our clients' business lives just that little bit easier.”


Please see our products below

Incorporating a BV

excl. VAT
  • ✓Incorporated within 7, 5 or 2 working days
  • ✓All notarial costs included
  • ✓Trade Register registration
  • ✓Extract from Chamber of Commerce
  • ✓Personal account manager

Silent conversion to BV (geruisloze inbreng)

excl. VAT
  • ✓Incorporated within 10 days
  • ✓All notarial costs included
  • ✓Trade Register registration
  • ✓Extract from Chamber of Commerce
  • ✓Personal account manager

BV liquidation

excl. VAT
  • ✓Assessment by a specialised lawyer
  • ✓Drafting of the shareholders resolution
  • ✓Drafting of customised CoC forms
  • ✓Registration with the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce
  • ✓Updates of claims

Are you interested in receiving monthly leads as an advisor? That is possible!

Firm24 incorporates more than 10,000 BV’s for entrepreneurs every year. Many of these entrepreneurs are looking for a partner for bookkeeping. Accountants who are registered on the Firm24 Premium platform receive monthly leads, free of charge. The amount of leads is based on usage of the platform. If you use the platform a lot, you will also be able to benefit from even more extras.

How will I receive my leads?

When you set up a BV and have completed the payment, you will receive a message from us regarding your lead within 14 days. This message will describe the wishes of the entrepreneur. Subsequently, you can contact them with your proposal.

What extras are available to me?

Depending on the number of foundations and your use of the platform, we offer you extras such as:

  • ✓ Free access to events to gain PE points
  • ✓ Publicity of your company on our socials
  • ✓ Quality test and corresponding certificate

The Digital Shareholders Register

Only available at Firm24; the Digital Shareholders Register! Everything you need to manage your BV from your own digital environment. At a glance, you can view the current status of your BV and all mutations from the past. And all this is included in your incorporation!

  • Share distribution


    Overview of how the shares are distributed within the BV and what the most recent activities are.

  • Board overview


    The directors of your BV, their title description and the competences of the respective persons.

  • Corporate Relations


    View the chosen structure of your BV, simply explained in a diagram. If your structure changes, the diagram changes too.

Interested? Start your incorporation now!

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FAQ’s about incorporating a BV


How does the payment work?

As an advisor, you can add your own fee directly to the invoice of Firm24 Premium. This means that you do not have to separately invoice your services to your own client later on. After all information has been completed for the incorporation of the private limited company, you will be given the option to add your own fee. Firm24 Premium will then send the invoice to your client who can pay the invoice directly, including the fee for your work. As soon as the invoice is paid, your calculated fee will be added to your account.


How does obtaining leads work?

When you create an account through Firm24 Premium, have completed the intake interview and set up a BV through Firm24 Premium, you will obtain access to the leads. In your dashboard you will see how many 'lead fees' you have received for the services purchased through Firm24 Premium. If you have not yet purchased a service such as setting up a BV or foundation, you will only be able to purchase leads.


How does the application work for my client?

As an advisor, you can easily submit the application through Firm24 Premium. When you arrive at the Firm24 Premium page, choose 'Incorporate BV’. Subsequently, you will enter a new screen where the incorporation funnel starts. In this funnel, all necessary questions for the incorporation of the BV will be asked.


How does the (digital) identification work?

Clients residing in the Netherlands can use our online identification tool. Clients not residing in the Netherlands are requested to go to the office of Firm24 or one of our notary offices. After the BV has been paid, all founders of the BV or the foundation can identify themselves digitally if they live in the Netherlands. This is done through the Onfido application, which is also used by Dutch major banks to meet their WWFT obligations. The power of attorney can also be signed digitally using the SignRequest programme. Digital identification via Onfido works as follows. The identification can be done via a smartphone or laptop. Your client scans his or her proof of identity and this document is checked by Onfido for characteristics such as validity and document number. Next, the person needs to be linked to the proof of identity. This is done by taking a selfie and a liveness photo (a photo of several sides of the face). Finally, each founder makes a transfer from his or her personal bank account of €0.01 to Firm24. Because the founder is already identified by the bank in connection with its WWFT obligations, there is an extended WWFT verification.


Can you incorporate a BV during Covid?

Yes, you certainly can. As you may have already read or seen on our website, Firm24 Premium nowadays allows you to set up a BV completely digitally. The identification and signing of the power of attorney is also done digitally. Therefore, as a founder or advisor, you no longer need to leave your home or office to set up a BV or foundation.


How does the digital shareholders register work?

Once a BV has been applied for, the BV will appear in your dashboard. You will then see which steps still need to be taken until the incorporation is completed. After the incorporation, the BV remains in the dashboard. When you click on the BV, you will enter a new screen. This is the environment of the digital shareholders register. Here you can see, for example, who the current shareholders and directors are, how many shares the shareholders hold and you can request new changes. Whenever a change is made by the notary, this will also be done via this digital shareholders register. The amendment is immediately visible in the digital register of shareholders. If you have any further questions on the digital register of shareholders, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Which notaries do you have in your network?

An overview of our notaries can be found at: our locations


Do I have direct contact with the notary?

As an advisor registered with Firm24 Premium you have a choice. You can either contact Firm24 Premium directly or contact the notary directly. Please note that the latter option of course only applies to notarial matters and questions. If there are any problems with the Firm24 Premium software for example, please call us and not the notary. The notary can not help you in such cases.

Would you like to receive monthly leads as an advisor? That is possible!

How do I receive my leads?

Is anything still unclear or do you want to know more? Request a free consultation.

What extras are available to me?

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