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We are entrepreneurs, just like you. This is our story.

In 2012, the Law on Simplification and Flexibility of BV Law was introduced in the Netherlands. This law made it easier to set up a BV because the previously required minimum starting capital of € 18,000 was no longer obligatory.

For many entrepreneurs, this law did not immediately mean the “simplification” they had hoped for. A notary was still needed to set up a private entity and they still used old-fashioned rates. In 2013, Rick and Martijn (both former PWC) decided to work together to this “simplification”. The result was Firm24: an all-in-one platform where entrepreneurs can establish, change, expand or innovate their company with the corresponding structure.

In 2023, almost 3 out of ten BVs in the Netherlands are incorporated through our platform. So you can say we know a thing or two about starting a business and making it successful. We are happy to help you reach your goals with our knowledge and experience.

Entrepreneurship is done with a team

Running a business is not something you do alone. You do it with a team. With good and driven people we make the difference every day. That is why we think a good working environment is important. Hard work, learning a lot, making beautiful new things, dealing with each other professionally, but also good coffee, our own bar, a cozy lunch together and the occasional game of pool or table soccer are all part of this.

Martijn Migchelsen

After years of working at PWC, Martijn decided to found Firm24. As founder, he controls all daily activities and directs the teams where needed. Martijn is closely involved in the process of innovation for all services and products of Firm24.

Coen Santhagens

Coen is responsible for the efficient and successful running of operations within Firm24. He manages daily operations, supervises innovation processes and optimizes ongoing processes.

Sven Stam

Sven is a developer from the very beginning. He has a background in Artificial Intelligence and leads the developer team at Firm24. As team leader, he is responsible for everything related to technology and software and directs all development activities.

firm24 professionals
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Premium Advisor
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Joey Civkoski
Senior advisor
Macy Schutz
JR. Customer Experience Manager
Milco Leijen
Growth Marketer
Manolis Sinadinakis
Frontend Web Developer
Frontend Web Developer

Final words about our mission and vision

Running a company, developing an idea yourself from whiteboard to pay check: for us it’s the best thing there is. We know everything about it. But we also know the other side of the coin: the advisors that misspells your name, treats you like a old man and sends you out of his office with incomprehensible advice … and sends a invoice afterwards that makes you wonder why you ever started the whole procedure.

We take care of all the difficult paperwork, dare to advise firmly and explain it in simple words, so that you can focus on your company. Our goal is to empower the entrepreneur as much as we can, to keep him as far away as possible from unnecessary paperwork, and to assist him in the entire life cycle of his BV.

Not quite getting it right? We are here for you.

Thanks to years of experience, we know how to help entrepreneurs with the right advice.

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