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Bookkeeping for dummies

More and more entrepreneurs hand over their administration to a professional. And for good reason. Your focus on your business is better if you know your books are taken care of. We present to you a combination of a unique team, handy software tools and efficient procedures to provide you with high quality, real-time services. Against a very competitive price. The Firm24 Bookkeeping service gives you control over your financials, and relieves you of your filing obligations.

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Why Bookkeeping via Firm24?

Smart software

We can automate 70% of our work through the smart use of software and the strict organization of processes. This way, we can offer a super competitive price for a premium service. Everything is completely digital, so no more paperwork. The online accounting service and the app are provided as part of the service.

Firm24 Premium service

We have bundled our automation expertise in tight processes so that we can finalize your administration each month. If you scan a receipt with the app, we will process it within 24 hours! Speed ​​with the quality you are used to from us.

Communicatie is key!

Clear communication is essential for providing our services, so a customer success manager is responsible for your onboarding and all communication with you. Bookkeeping professionals manage your administration and prepare your annual accounts.

How it works?

Start in 5 simple steps
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Schedule an intake

Schedule an online intake interview right away with Firm24 Premium Bookkeeping service.


Tell us your story

Firm24 will contact you by phone at the agreed time and date to discuss your situation.

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Sign the agreements

Ready to go? Sign and authorize quickly and easily online in your Firm24 dashboard.


Onboarding and start

Intake and onboarding with a Firm24 customer success manager. Together we set up the administration software.

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Send your first invoice

You can now start mailing your purchase invoices and receipts to us. We will process them for you within 24 hours. Everything is done 100% digitally, so no more actual paperwork is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you switch to the Firm24 Bookkeeping service?

Transferring a complete administration to our Premium Bookkeeping service seems very complicated? Not at all. We will arrange this for you within a day. When we start your administration, we take the lastly completed annual accounts by your former accountant or bookkeeper as a starting point. Often it is not yet completed but that does not matter. We prepare your administration and in collaboration with your previous provider we transfer your administration to our own system.


What is the added value of Firm24?

A lot of service providers make money off their clients by not explaining things. At Firm24 we don't believe in that approach. Complex things can be simplified. We make our information available for free and provide you with insights using our software. Automation seems impersonal, but in reality it creates space for us to add value in the crucial areas that require human insight and experience.


What is the difference between a Firm24 premium bookkeeper and a “regular” bookkeeper?

Firm24 is not satisfied with the traditional way of servicing and pricing by accountants and bookkeepers. Software and automation are the key to a better service that saves time, money and energy. As a platform for entrepreneurs, we are also entrepreneurs at heart and are on the same page as you when it comes to expectations. Especially in the early days of your business, you want everything to be well organized, so you can focus on other things. Firm24 Bookkeeping is a service provided by bookkeeping professionals. It is not, however, an accountancy service executed by a Registered Accountant. This is also reflected in the pricing.


Very nice these low monthly costs, but there's bound to be additional costs further down the road.

This is not the case! You pay a fixed amount per month for our services. This includes your annual accounts and your tax returns. Of course we offer extra services, but these are not mandatory and are only provided upon you explicit request. Again, we provide full transparency in costs and work.

Need advice? We are here for you.

Thanks to years of experience, we know how to help advisors with the right advice.

Our employees distinguish themselves through the combination of involvement, expertise and passion. We are happy to give you personal advice.

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