The Chamber of commerce in the Netherlands

If you want to become an entrepreneur in the Netherlands you must be registered in the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel). But what is the Chamber of Commerce exactly? And how do you verify your company in the Netherlands? In this article you will read all about it.

What is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber of Commerce, also known as Kamer van Koophandel (KVK) is a Dutch public service organization that helps business owners to run their own businesses in the Netherlands. It is operated as a quango, guided by the Wet op de Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of commerce law) 2013 and the Handelsregisterwet (Trade registry law) 2007. It is also a member of the European Business Register. The Chamber of Commerce helps you with setting up your start-up or any other business you would like to start in the Netherlands. The Chamber of Commerce has many different offices, where you can register your business or go for network meetings, workshops and advice.

How do I register my business?

How you register your business depends on the legal form of your company. If your legal form is a sole proprietorship you automatically request a Chamber of Commerce number after you have registered your company in the trade register. After you have chosen your company name and the legal form (sole proprietorship), you will enter a secured environment of the Chamber of Commerce where you must fill in various forms in preparation for a physical appointment. During this appointment, you go through the forms together with an employee. During this appointment you can ask all your questions. After the interview and payment, your application is completed and you will immediately receive your Chamber of Commerce number.

For a BV however, a legal form most non Dutch based people choose, there is another way to register. In this case a notary will arrange this for you. This is also a service Firm24 offers to our customers. Curious about this service? Check the website to see exactly how this works and how it can be beneficial for you.

Moreover registering your company? Check the website of the Chamber of Commerce.

Why do I need to register my business?

It is mandatory to register your company when you want to do business in the Netherlands. Also, organisations with a BV, that do not operate at the stock exchange, are required to register UBOs. UBO stands for ultimate beneficial owners, which are the persons who ultimately benefit from or have an interest in the business.

You also need a KVK number for some business transactions. Apart from the KVK number, you also need your VAT number (btw-nummer). After registering your business you receive your KVK number. After receiving this eight numbered code the KVK will automatically forward your details to the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst). They will provide you with your VAT number. The VAT number has fourteen digits. Both your KVK number and your VAT number should be on your invoices when doing business.

How do I verify a company in the Netherlands?

When you want to do business with a Dutch company, you can check their registration in the Commercial register. It is mandatory for every Dutch company to be registered in the register. So if the company isn’t in the register it is a non authorised company and therefore maybe not the best business partner to work with. Want to check a Dutch company? Find them via the Chamber of Commerce.


Every business owner that wants to start his company in the Netherlands needs to be registered at the Chamber of Commerce (KVK). The main goal of the KVK is to help business owners to run their own businesses in the Netherlands. If you want to start your own BV in the Netherlands you are able to incorporate your own BV within 24 hours with our help. Your registration will be dealt with automatically. Want to know more? Click here and start your business.

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Updated on 1 June 2023
Published on 4 May 2022

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