Firm24's services are C02 neutral

co2 neutraal in 2020

The new year has begun again. The lists of good intentions are popping up like mushrooms again and the gyms are filled to capacity. At Firm24 we also had a resolution: give something back for the climate! The news is flooded with climate issues these days. Whether it's the forest fires in Australia, Greta Thunberg's protests, heat waves throughout the world or the problems with the airline industry: the topic is alive and well. For us, these were enough reasons to consider for ourselves what we could do to reduce our "footprint.

What do we consume as a company?

Firm24 is known for the fact that many operations that used to require a lot of time and paperwork can now be arranged easily and quickly online. For the customer this was advantageous because they could easily get started. Nice side benefit: a whole lot of paper savings. Even so, our annual paper consumption now stands at 14,000 kilograms. That is the equivalent of 14 passenger cars, or 150 washing machines. A number that gave us quite a shock.

We are working very hard behind the scenes to further reduce this consumption, and hope to eventually come up with a solution to reduce our paper consumption completely. By offering our services online, many documents no longer need to be printed separately. Think of all the contracts we draw up, incorporations we complete and business changes we make. By offering these services online (as much as possible), we have been able to reduce our paper consumption by almost 60%. A rough estimate is that this has saved us just under 30000 pounds of paper over the past 5 years! That is the same number of kilos as 10 helicopters, or 3 public transport buses.

To measure our total consumption, we created 3 categories:

  • The number of kg of paper we use for our services
  • The number of cubic meters of gas we use for the office
  • The number of kWh we consume at the office.

Our total paper consumption came to 14 thousand kilograms last year. We consumed 15 thousand cubic meters of natural gas and 9000 kWh of energy.

Using TreesforAll's website, we were then able to calculate how much CO2 we needed to offset to make our service C02 neutral: 102 tons.

102 tons of CO2 equals:

  • Burning 3190 liters of diesel
  • Flying 700x to Paris
  • consuming 300 tons of kg of office paper
  • traveling 16 million km by train (400x around the world)

Since there were most likely a few rounding errors in our calculations, we decided to round up our emissions substantially and offset 120 tons of C02 by 2020. Our donated money will be spent on reforestation at the foot of the Andes in South America. In our certificate you will find all the information. Offsetting our C02 consumption is directly in line with Firm24's vision to offer as many services as possible online in order to provide more convenience to the client, and to reduce unnecessary consumption of paper. 120 tons of C02 may not be much on a large scale, but we believe that every little bit helps. We hope that many companies follow our example and that together we can make a difference in 2020!

Disclaimer: We realize that a company's exact emissions are difficult to determine. We have tried to estimate our emissions as accurately as possible and invite everyone to point out any errors in our calculation. The emissions are based purely on the company's consumption, factors such as emissions from transportation means, for example, are not included here.

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Dit is de algemene schrijver binnen ons bedrijf. Meerdere collega's schrijven wel eens over onderwerpen en doen dit onder deze naam.
Updated on 26 January 2023
Published on 7 January 2020

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