Entrepreneurial Story

Anna Burtseva of Ganna Bakery

“I have always wanted to create a business based on my ideas.”

The birth of Ganna Bakery

In the founder's words, "Bread has played a big role in my life." Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic and personal life changes, she embarked on a new venture: GANNA BAKERY. Situated in the heart of Rotterdam, this bakery is not just a business but a celebration of natural bread and artisanal techniques. The founder's mission is clear: "My goal is to preserve the technology of making real bread and implement it into production volume."

The philosophy of quality and tradition

At Ganna Bakery, the emphasis is on "bread and bakery products based on natural sourdough." Utilizing long-term fermentation processes and focusing on gluten-free options, the bakery ensures that "bread is not only beautiful and tasty but also increases the bioavailability of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants."

"Bread has played a big role in my life.”

A lifelong entrepreneurial journey

With more than two decades of entrepreneurial experience, the founder reflects, "I have always wanted to create a business based on my ideas." Her transition from the event industry to bakery was driven by her passion for innovation and her ability to adapt to new opportunities.

Overcoming challenges

The founder's journey was not without obstacles. She shares, "I had an opportunity to invest personally, and did it step by step... and the war began. We were forced to leave everything and move." Restarting in Rotterdam, she demonstrates resilience and adaptability, laying the foundation for GANNA BAKERY's future.

Unique position in a competitive market

The key to standing out in the competitive bakery industry, as the founder puts it, is the quality of the product and service. "Bread is a product that people eat every day, so this product must have a soul. I will be all my best to hear folks taking a bite out of a sandwich and asking, 'Is this GB’s bread?'" This ambition reflects her dedication to creating bread that is not just consumed, but remembered and sought after for its distinctive quality.

"I had an opportunity to invest personally, and did it step by step…”

Balancing work and life

For Anna, balancing business and personal life comes naturally: "If your business is something you really love, it's not difficult."

Future aspirations

Looking ahead, the founder envisions "building a strong brand, developing the B2B segment, scaling, and opening a production chain in big cities." Her ultimate goal is to open "the best bakery/restaurant in Rotterdam."

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

To those looking to embark on their entrepreneurial journey, her advice is poignant: "It's better to do and make a mistake than not to do and regret it."

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