Consultation with an advisor
to expand to South Korea
for €199,-

  • First contact within 48 hours
  • Telephone consultation with expansion advisor 
  • Clear instructions on how to proceed next
More than 50.000 BV's incorporated
10 years firm24
More than 50.000 BV's incorporated
10 years firm24

Always the best deal and guidance for your expansion to South Korea

Do you want to expand your firm to South Korea? Have you thought about the best fiscal structure? Do you understand your legal duties to your employees? You can receive guidance on the necessary steps from our consultation service with an expansion expert.

At Firm24 you can simply arrange it online. After we started as a platform for BV formation in the Netherlands, we have now evolved as a business where entrepreneurs can arrange all their business services online. This is not only easier, but also a lot more efficient and transparent. 

By now, 400,000+ entrepreneurs know how to find our 'online shop' for business services every year. As a customer you always receive direct help on the first line and you can schedule a free consultation with our advisors on the same day. Also in the evenings and weekends.

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Business expansion service

When it comes to expanding your business internationally, it is common to not know where to start and to feel confused. The expansion advisor can help you make the connections you need to expand your business to South Korea.

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Quick and easy

If you arrange business services via FIRM24, you automatically benefit from our service standards. We have competitive prices, offer a free check-up and are always available. This allows you to do business without worries.

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Always the best deal

We have researched the best service providers in the market so that you no longer have to research and request quotes. As a result, you are assured of a good quality service for a competitive price.

What kind of service are you looking for?

The expansion advisor can help you with the following services

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Corporate services

  • Legalization & apostille 
  • Notarization and certifying company documents 
  • Extract commercial & business registers
  • Accounting statements
  • Translation services
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Company formation

  • Company formation and registration
  • Tax & accounting services
  • Legal services
  • Intellectual property services
  • Opening bankaccount
  • Registered offices
  • Local phone numbers
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Expat services

  • Employment visa
  • Payrolling and tax
  • Migration and relocating services
  • Legal and civil law notary services

Price overview for business expansion to South Korea

Select the service below to start your application

Consultation with an expansion advisor


48 hours
199 excl BTW
Start your application

How it works:

  • First contact within 48 hours
  • Immediately an appointment with advisor

What you get: 

  • Consultation (60 min) with advisor
  • Identifying points of interest
  • Phone call to discuss points of interest
  • Tangible next steps for you expansion plans

Service standards at Firm24:

  • 1 on 1 contact with advisor
  • Available daily until 22:00 CET
  • Personal help with your application


  • Fixed price, no surprises

50.000 entrepreneurs chose Firm24

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What is the process to speak to an expansion advisor?

You can easily arrange it online in 3 steps.

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1. Choose an option

Are you ready to discuss your international growth plans with an expansion advisor? In order to discuss your goals and receive tailor made advice, please select this service so that you can start your application online. 

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2. Start your application

Start the application for this service. Go through the online process and fill in the information online. This will allow the expansion advisor to receive specific information pertinent to your situation and you immediately save on costs.

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3. Contact with advisor

Your request has been well received! You always have 1 on 1 contact with the an expansion advisor via the online dashboard. They will contact you for the next steps, such as the consultation and a quotation.

500+ service providers also use FIRM24

The platform for entrepreneurs and advisors

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Honoré Schreurs - OAMKB

“Firm24 aligns with our vision: how can we use the developments in automation in such a way that our customers benefit the most? With Firm24, we can help our customers with a BV quickly and at low cost, with our experts watching that the right customisation is provided that suits the customer”.

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Gerben de Man - UWBS

“Due to the fantastically easy design of the process at Firm24, we can set up a private limited company in a few minutes, together with our client. Because everything can be done digitally and remotely, the threshold to set up a BV is much lower and it is easier to assist the client in this process”.


Michel Slager - 100digitaal

“Our vision, services, and systems are well aligned so that things are well organised for customers from start to finish. For new BVs or adjustments within it, we can help our customers with the expertise of Firm24 so that they can focus valuable time and energy on the main issues”.

Not quite getting it right? We are here for you.

Thanks to years of experience, we know how to help entrepreneurs with the right advice.

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