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Incorporate your new Dutch company easy with Firm24. A “BV” is the Dutch alternative to the LLC (Limited Liability Company) or Ltd. (Limited). The Dutch BV has a strong international reputation. Customers, suppliers, banks and investors worldwide are familiar with the BV, mainly due to the reliability and quality of the underlying Dutch legal system. The BV serves as the perfect vantage point for starting a business, both national and international.

* Please note that we currently cannot incorporate non-English speaking or foreign Entities as shareholder

Firm24 Requirements

  • ✓English speaking
  • ✓Individual shareholder
  • ✓Dutch address
  • ✓Sign documents in person in the Netherlands
* To incorporate your company, you need to comply with all aforementioned requirements.

Pricing incorporate BV

Which setup fits you?


Incorporation within 10 working days
excl. BTW
+ incl. €100 korting op het DGA salarisadm.
  • ✓ Guidance by tax specialists Firm24 *
  • ✓ All notary costs included
  • ✓ Online identification
  • ✓ Registration Chamber of Commerce + extract **

Full package

Incorporation within 7 working days
excl. BTW
+ incl. €100 korting op het DGA salarisadm.
  • ✓ Guidance by tax specialist Firm24*
  • ✓ All notary costs included
  • ✓ Online identification
  • ✓ Registration Chamber of Commerce + extract **
  • ✓ Discount on personal holding
  • ✓ 100% guarantee on best service

Other providers

For the comparison of prices, the prices of notaries were randomly compared. This brings us to the following findings:
  • ✓ Starting from  €750,-
  • ✓ No free advice or guidance but at an hourly rate notary
  • ✓ No digital identification
  • ✓ No digital shareholders register
  • ✓ Long waiting time and physical appointment

Why do you choose Firm24?

  • ✓ Fast incorporation via online procedure
  • ✓ Save   €350,-   on notary fees
  • ✓ Complete guidance from our advisors
  • ✓ Rated best in the Netherlands
9.3 out of 1327 reviews

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Best online platform

* International tax advice is not included and avaible through parners of Firm24.
** Including extract from the Chamber of Commerce at € 12, excl. Excluding one-time registration fee of € 50 (this is a separate invoice that you receive from the Chamber of Commerce).

Incorporate a BV?

Quick and easily arranged in 4 steps
Stap 1: Start de online aanvraag

Start online application

  • Fill in the form
  • Ask for help when needed
Get Started arrow-right-blue

Identification and signing Power of Attorney

  • Identify yourself via our online identification tool
  • Sign the documents online or at one of our notary offices when you are not a resident of the Netherlands.
Step 2: Identification and signing Power of Attorney
Step 3: Approve deed of incorporation

Approve deed of incorporation

  • Discuss the draft deed by phone or at the office (at the discretion of the notary)
  • Approve the draft deed online

The BV is incorporated

  • Receive the deed of incorporation, shareholdersregister and Chamber of Commerce number
  • Registration with Chamber of Commerce and Tax Authorities
  • All documents neatly arranged in your online dashboard
Step 4: The  is incorporated

Frequently Asked Questions


When is the BV incorporated?

After signing the power of attorney at the notary it takes normally 3 working days


What is the process?

First you complete the application procedure. Clients residing in the Netherlands can use our online identification tool. Clients that are not a resident of the Netherlands will have to go to the notary for identification and signing of the power of attorney. Thereafter, the notary will draft the deed of incorporation. The notary will choose to either discuss the draft at their office or by phone. After accepting the draft online, the notary will pass the deed and register the BV at the Chamber of Commerce. You will receive a digital shareholders’ register, deed of incorporation and extract of the Chamber of Commerce.


Do I need a Dutch passport?

No, any valid passport.


Do I need a Dutch address?

Yes, the BV must be registered at a dutch address.


I don’t live in the Netherlands, which documents do you need?

The notary needs a proof of address, this can be a utility bill (gas, electricity or water) or a bank statement (not older than 1 month prior to the incorporation date. For a dubbelcheck the notary needs two of them.


Where can I register a Dutch address?

Companies like Regus or Spaces can help you.


Why do I need to speak English?

Because any other language requires an official translator, this is not included in our service. And doesn’t match our system for an efficient incorporation.


How will you perform the identification?

Clients residing in the Netherlands can use our online identification tool. Clients not residing in the Netherlands are requested to go to the office of Firm24 or one of our notary offices.


If I don’t live in the Netherlands?

All founders need to come to sign at the notary in the Netherlands.


Which payment methods do you support?

iDeal & Paypal


Do I need to go to the Chamber of Commerce to register the BV?

No, the notary will do this.


Why can’t I incorporate a BV with a foreign entity?

Incorporation with a foreign entity requires lots of documents, that is the reason why it is difficult for a efficient incorporation through our platform. Unfortunately we cannot help you in that case. vereist vele documenten waardoor het lastig wordt om een efficiënte oprichting via ons platform te verrichten. Daarom is het niet mogelijk om met een foreign entity een BV op te richten via FIRM.


Does the price include all the costs?

Yes, all the notary costs are included. You will only receive one invoice from the Chamber of Commerce for their registration. This is €50 (ex. vat).


Can I sign the power of attorney at another notary?

Yes that’s possible but they will charge you a fee for this service.

The biggest incorporator of BV’s in the Netherlands

Growth TribeGrowth Tribe
Magioni PizzaMagioni
Earth WaterEarth Water
01 / 03
Growth Tribe
David Arnoux
Growth Tribe
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“I don’t usually give 5/5 ratings but for Firm24 I can’t resist. Their prices are extremely competitive. We ran a 20 company comparison before contacting them and they had some of the most affordable pricing. After we signed with them we faced no bad surprises or hidden costs. Communication is also perfect, we get answers when we send emails, replies to our phone calls, clear instructions, Skype calls when we needed them in the beginning and most of all they are patient and willing to take the time to explain things clearly. We also get updates and reminders when we forget to send them important information and updates. I would and have recommended their services to friends and fellow entrepreneurs.”
02 / 03
Manon van Essen
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“When I wanted to start my own business I was afraid that it would take too much time and that it would be too expensive. But when I decided to go with Firm24 all my struggles were solved and taken care off. They showed me that it can be done fast, organized and easily. This made it very inexpensive which I very appreciate!”
03 / 03
Earth Water
Patrick de Nekker
Earth Water
Chevron leftChevron right
“Before I started my BV I still had questions regarding the whole process of starting a BV. When I contacted Firm24, they gave me personal service including good tips and points of attention. Next to that they had a very clear work process and well-connected notaries. I will definitely recommend Firm24.”

3 reasons to choose to incorporate a BV in the Netherlands



Most business owners set up a BV structure for either fiscal reasons or liability reasons. With a Dutch BV your personal assets are protected against bankruptcy. This is not the case when you start a business as other common structures.

7 things about a Dutch BV arrow-right

Tax Advantages

You’ll get tax advantages

The Netherlands has created a business-friendly climate to attract foreign investors. We listed them in a blog that you can find below. Learn more about some of the many tax friendly features the Netherlands has to offer by clicking the link.

Top 10 tax advantages of a Dutch BV arrow-right



A couple of years ago, the Dutch government started with simplifying the incorporation procedure of private limited liabilities companies (BV). This resulted in increased flexibility of the rules of incorporating an Dutch BV. Learn more by clicking the link below.


Start your BV in the Netherlands

In this free ebook we will give you a short introduction to the BV. It touches on all the important aspects without going into too much detail.