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Do I have to go to the notary if I incorporate a BV through your platform?

Yes, unfortunately we cannot (yet) do the full procedure online. You have to go by the notary once to sign the papers to set up your company.


How long will it take to set up my BV?

The process of incorporating a BV takes around 3-5 workdays. After you've set up your BV online, a few more steps have to be made. We've made this process as easy as possible and without any special needs the BV will be incorporated within this time frame.


What do I need to incorporate a BV?

Firstly, you have to fill in all the details about the BV. Things like adress, name and shareholders. We can help you with every step if you get stuck. After that you have to visit the notary with a valid identification card. If you want to incorporate the BV on another adress that is submitted in the form, an additonal rental agreement is required.


Do I always have to pay the DGA salary to myself?

The biggest concern people often have, is having to pay themselves a €45.000 salary while not always certain if they actually are going to make that amount of money. Don't worry about this. The DGA salary was designed to make sure that people do not distribute dividends before having paid at least €45000 as a salary. The reasoning behind this rule is that most of the times it's cheaper to distribute dividend rather than paying salary.

So if your company is not making any profit yet you don't have to worry about having to paying yourself the €45.000 income. Your company will grow together with the salary you have to pay.

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