Arrange everything for your Dutch BV incorporation online

More than 59.535 BV's incorporated
10 years firm24
More than 59.535 BV's incorporated
10 years firm24
Een raket in animatie vorm

LLC Incorporation

  • Protection of private assets
  • Trusted international reputation
  • Professional appearance
LLC incorporation
Veiligheid voor je bedrijf

Holding incorporation

  • Risk spreading of valuable assets
  • Many tax advantages
  • The best company structure
Holding incorporation
De beschikbaarheid van Firm24

Free Consultation

  • Free advice
  • 15 minute phone call
  • Ask away! We're happy to help.
Free Consultation

We understand your needs. After all, we are still entrepreneurs, too.

Everything online

  • Fast, easy and user-friendly
  • Customer rating of 9.5 (Kiyoh)
  • Fixed price, no surprises

Always a professional at hand

  • All contracts reviewed by top lawyers
  • Always the opportunity to spar
  • 8+ years market leader in the field of online incorporation

100% certainty

  • Personal guidance by lawyers and tax consultants
  • Involved & solution oriented
  • Direct contact by chat, phone or e-mail (7 days a week)

How does online incorporation work?

In a few steps easily set up your BV/Holding company You can do that at FIRM24. Here's how it works.

  1. 1. Get free advice

    Currently, 1 out of 5 BVs in the Netherlands are founded through FIRM24. So we know a thing or two about incorporating a company. Get some free advice from our advisors and you have certainty about your choices. 

  2. 2. Start your incorporation

    • Fill in the online form and the details of you and your shareholder.
    • Ask for help when needed. We got a team of experts ready to help. 
  3. 3. Identification & incorporation!

    • Identify yourself via our online identification tool
    • Sign the documents online or at one of our notary offices when you are not a resident of the Netherlands.
    • Your company is incorporated!

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The DGA salary of €48,000 makes many entrepreneurs refrain from choosing a BV as their legal form. But is that justified? The DGA salary is often decisive for starting entrepreneurs to choose a certain legal form. The "mandatory" DGA salary deters many starting entrepreneurs from choosing the BV as a legal form. Unfortunately, this often happens unjustly.

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A review from David Arnoux - Growth Tribe

“I don’t usually give 5/5 ratings but for Firm24 I can’t resist. Their prices are extremely competitive. We ran a 20 company comparison before contacting them and they had some of the most affordable pricing. After we signed with them we faced no bad surprises or hidden costs.

Communication is also perfect, we get answers when we send emails, replies to our phone calls, clear instructions, Skype calls when we needed them in the beginning and most of all they are patient and willing to take the time to explain things clearly.